This is a happy place

I painted two buddhas in Taisyakuten as a motif in my art.

Even thogh these two buddhas are sitting together under a tree in the corner of Taisyakuten now, I have heard that the two buddhas were brought from Mt. Fuji a long time ago, and I was so impressed by the passion of the prople who actually brought them here.

I was also shocked to see many lively scars on their backs and wondered about the journey on the way to Shibamata.

In the beginning, perhaps, these two buddhas were really unhappy by what people did to them. However, they might be able to accept it if they could sit together, and they even look very calm as I see them today.

Their home is Shibamata right now, and they are protecting visitors in Taisyakuten every day.

As the story illustrates, I would like the people who stay in the rooms at FU-TEN to feel like they are home.

I painted Mt.Fuji in the room entrance, and two floating buddhas towards the outside of the window.
Fukui lives in Tokyo, and graduated from Musashino Art University as an oil painting major in the Oil Painting Department.
She holds exhibitions and creates novelities and tour goods. She also holds talks and live painting events, and designs for musicians such as Gesu no Kiwami Otome.
Pretty girls or females are often used as a motif in her art works, with some toxicant style which are highly regarded among people of all ages.