I think Shibamata is a beautiful place where old Japanese times are still preserved.

I thought the room should represent a Japanese sign of good luck. According to my research, the number three is the luckiest number that represents satisfaction, a stable mind and body, and emotions.

Therefore, I have decided to draw three of each character, “snake and dragon” and “monkey, wild cat, Hanawa” which I found in this town. You can enjoy seeing the characters and I hope this room brings you happiness.
Matsuoka was born in Chiba Prefecture.
He graduated from Chiyoda Institute of the Arts in the Illustration Department.
He was 1st place in the 1st ART IN MUSIC 2012 and Selected in the 182nd CHOICE 2012.
He draws with a sense of humor and color that makes people smile. He currently holds events and exhibitions in Tokyo, and also designs posters, DM, stationary, and miscellaneous goods.