The prodigal son’s back

Obana drew plants growing in Shibamata, the water surface of the river, and a masked man looking far shining in gold.

The theme of the art work is "The prodigal son’s back".

It is based on a myth of a son who got all of his father's inheritance and went traveling but lost everything after dissipation.

However, his father gave him a warm welcome on his return.

The gold mask man with a big backpack is a image of a prodigal son.

I made the art work to wish anybody gathering in this guest house a warm welcome with arms wide open.
Obana was born in Gunma 1981, and graduated from the University of Tsukuba School of Art and Design with a masters degree in painting.
He produced drawings and sculptures inspired from everyday life.
His work "the fiction story" is about coming and going between the fiction and the nonfiction, revealing contradiction and absurdities spreading in the real world.