Emerging Atelier

Two buddhas brought from Taisyakuten in Mt. Fuji and look up the tree next to it. This tree is not only a tree.

This is an epitome of many universes that holds mosses, plants, birds and even invisible bacterias. The big tree that holds many lives and white painting that feels a shadow of the sunlight filtering through trees.

By putting the beds between these two paintings, the lights passing over the beds are expressing.

This is an istallation work draws the lights flowing in the visitors sense.
Ikehira graduated from Shimane University in 2001. Since 2000, he has held many private exhibitions at the Shimane Art Museum, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery project N, and H.P.France Window Gallery among others.
He was selected for the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art in 2013 and the VOCA exhibition in the Ueno Royal Museum in 2017.
He is now involved in art festivals in NY and Miami and is receiving attention from overseas.He has produced many works at workshops and is working as an instructor at the Tokyo University Komaba Museum special exhibition "The boundary Draw ⇄ Cross". He has recently published "TOKYO MERMAID PRINCESS" that introduces Tokyo with new interpretation.