elephant room

There are 10 reliefs on the walls of Taisyakuten and you can find one relief of Samantabhadra riding on a elephant among those reliefs.

Taisyakuten is also a god who rode on an elephant, which is a symbol of enterning the womb in Buddhism.

I believe elephants are the animals who lead us to many places and a symbol of a new beginning.

I strongly hope that this room will become a symbol of this hotel and lead all guests and workers to wonderful places.
Okawa graduated from Aichi University of the Arts, as a sculpture art major in 2012.
She created sculptural works based on Japanese traditional shines, castles, and headpieces by collecting and combining old clothes and textiles.
In 2013, she held a private exhibition at TENGAI GALLERY produced by contemporary artist Hisashi Tenmyouya.
She joined private group exhibitions in Japan afterwards. Recently, together with the architect and artist Takeo Minato, she is involved in interior design for event venues and furniture design and renovation.