You will feel Japanese nostalgia by hearing the sounds of cutting candy and the aroma of fresh rice crackers. Yes, those traditional things still exist in Shibamata!

Shibamata FU-TEN Bed and Local was opened in March 2017 in this nostalgic town.
In this town, people care about others with kind hearts like we all used to do in earlier times, through warm greetings and talking.
We are creating a new Shibamata town with the assistance of 14 unique artists to offer you a whole new experience.

【Name of the 14 artists】
Teppei Ikehira / Ayune Shojima / Masanao Hirayama / Miki Kato / Masataka Matsuoka / Keiji Ito / Yuki Okawa / Keenue / Kenichi Obana / Ricardo Gonzalez / Kentaro Tanaka / Mugi Nakajima / Taebeom Kim / Nobumi Fukui

【Artists Produce】
hpgrp GALLERY  (http://hpgrpgallery.com)
These artists have created a unique world with various styles and provide you an opportunity to touch & feel the art like you enjoy the music or fashion.
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